T2 eCommerce

This project was conducted as part of my studies at General Assembly only – it was not completed for T2.


Design a responsive eCommerce website for T2 including development of an Information Architecture (IA) based on observation of customers and products in-store.

Research discoveries

  • Brand experience is central to the retail store – it’s an immersive, sensory experience where customers are invited to explore, taste and learn.
  • Online experience is different – it needs to facilitate efficient location and purchase of products while inviting exploration and discovery as a secondary goal.


I developed an IA that included categories sorted by customer motivation, which was wide enough for users across the varied group of personas to locate products. I create a set of facet types and values that permitted users to browse and refine results within a particular category.

UX processes used

  • User observation and interviews
  • Competitative and comparative analysis
  • Affinity mapping
  • User flows
  • Information architecture and site maps
  • Sketching
  • Prototyping using myBalsamiq
  • User testing